The Natsal-3 questionnaire is based closely on the questionnaires used in Natsal-1 and Natsal-2 to allow comparison between the surveys, although new questions have been added reflecting scientific and policy interest.

The start and end of the questionnaire is asked by the interviewer and answers are recorded in a laptop computer. The middle section of the interview is completed by the respondent using the laptop computer.

The questionnaire covers the following areas, those marked CASI are self-completion. Those marked with a * have been extensively revised since Natsal-2 or are new sections. Some other modules have had minor revisions.

General health *


Learning about sex

First sexual experiences


Periods and menopause (women only) *

Sexual attraction & experience

Heterosexual sex (CASI)

Homosexual sex (CASI)

Number of partners (CASI)

Most recent partners (CASI) *

Sex abroad (CASI)

Sex with people from abroad (CASI)

Nonconsensual sex (CASI) *

Paying for sex (CASI)

History of pregnancies (women only) (CASI) *

Unplanned pregnancy (women only) (CASI) *

Family formation (men only) (CASI)

Fertility intentions & infertility (CASI)

Sexually transmitted infections & HPV vaccinations (CASI) *

Circumcision (CASI)

HIV testing (CASI)

Sexual function (CASI) *

Viagra (CASI)

Drugs (CASI)

Mood (CASI) *

Attitudinal questions *

Household classification

You can download the full questionnaire here.