Natsal-1 involved a probability sample of 18,876 people aged 16-59 who were interviewed between 1990 and 1991


The Natsal-1 methodology is described in two books:

  • Wellings, K., Field, J., Johnson, A.M., Wadsworth, J. & Bradshaw, S. (1994) Sexual Behaviour in Britain: The National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. London: Penguin Books Ltd
  • Johnson, A.M., Wadsworth, J., Wellings, K. & Field, J. (1994) Sexual Attitudes & Lifestyles. Oxford: Blackwell Scientific Publications

You can download a report from a qualitative study carried out by NatCen Social Research (then SCPR) before the first Natsal survey, exploring the best language to use in the questionnaire. Links to the different sections of this report are listed below.

The Natsal-1 questionnaire is also available to download in 3 parts: (1) the CAPI (used with all participants); (2) the CASI used with men; and (3) the CASI used with women