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Projects delivered by researchers beyond the Natsal team 

Natsal has surpassed its original purpose as a study responding to, and informing our understanding of, the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Now one of the largest and most detailed studies of sexual behaviour in the world, its 30-year history providing robust population data, is regarded as a cornerstone for understanding the contemporary picture as well as changes over time in sexual and reproductive health in Britain.  

Natsal-4 (the fourth Natsal survey) aims to build on this reputation by adding to and further enhancing the Natsal Resource, which includes datasets from each round, the corresponding questionnaires, and stored biological samples (from Natsal-3 and in due course, Natsal-4), for Natsal’s wide range of stakeholders. This includes researchers from across the globe, policy-makers, educators and students, as well as the public. 

Projects delivered by members of the Natsal team 

In this section we highlight ongoing projects being delivered by the Natsal team related to Natsal.